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what does Fidalga Roxa peppers look like???

hello to all i have a slight dilemma

over the winter i traded seeds, in some of my trades i got Poinsettia pepper seeds and and in another Fidalga Roxa seeds

to make a long story short, i had to transplant them inside over the winter once because they grew so well(fast)

what happened when i transplanted them i forgot which was which?? duh!!

this may sound dumb, but i determined which was the "Poinsettia", from a pic on line, they look like a "Mirasol" pepper because they grow straight up to the sun, they both have fruit and now and was curious if anyone can send me a pic of what a "Fidalga Roxa" pepper looks like,i could not find anything online, im also not completely convinced its Fidalga Roxa in the pic yet,also they are only in green phase right now

i have a pic of the plant in question but don't know how to post pics here on Gardenweb

if anyone wishes i can send them the pic via email and promise I no viruses or junk associated, i took this pic myself with my digital camera

if anyone can help please reply

thanks your friend Ajijoe

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"don't know how to post pics here on Gardenweb "

WE ARE NOT GARDENWEB !! :) I'm not sure if they can post pictures, the times I've been over there (rarely!) I never see any.

You CAN post pictures here at The Helpful Gardener. Instructions for doing so are linked in my signature line.

Otherwise, I can't help you. I never heard of that pepper and I couldn't find an on-line image of it either.
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Man, that must be a pretty rare variety. When I Googled "Fidalga Roxa Pepper," this thread was at the top of the search results. Perhaps you can identify the other varieties and the remaining ones will be the Fidalga Roxa?
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ok NOT GARDEN WEB now that we got that resolved (LOL)

yes the Fidalga Roxa is a little rare not too much though, i am getting seeds from a fellow in Brazil

turns out i sent him a pic of a pepper plant i have growing to this fellow in Brazil that i am getting the ROXA seeds, i got seeds in a trade that were mis-marked as per its species, i sent a pic of the pepper in question but they were still in green phase he was kind enough to let me know at least that it was a FIDALGA species and one of three color variations "VERMAHA"= red LARANJA= orange AMARELIA= yellow, turns out FIDALGA ROXA has a different shape all together and is a deep purple, the language used is Portuguese so if the Spanish looks a little different that's why

thanks your friend Joe

:lol: :D :lol:

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