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insect repellant

I don't know how true it is or even if it works but there was an article in in our local newspaper that said to get rid of insects you should put onion and garlic in a spray bottle and spray your plants. Has anyone heard of this?

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Somebody yesterday just wrote in about pepper spray

Both of you are half right... the usual recommendation is for a garlic and pepper spray.

Here's what I wrote yesterday:

Don't over do the soap, a little is plenty.

There are a variety of pesticide/ pest repellant recipes like this floating around, usually with garlic and hot peppers.

Here's a few of the places it's been discussed here (type garlic pepper spray into the Search the Forum key word box to find more)

I do use it in my garden, if I start having pests and have generally had decent results with it. It is not going to make sure there is never an insect in your yard again, but you don't need that. It does seem to help.

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