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Bindweed, also called Morning Glory


The horizontal root is 6 to 8 inches under the ground. This is why it is so hard to get out. If you dig it deep enough to get the horizontal roots out, you can get rid of it. Just cutting the green off slows it down, but it will shoot right back up.

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If it gets mature enough to flower, does your "morning glory" have a blue or blue/purple flower?
I have had some of that "hide out" underneath some peas and vines before, and it was quite a large vine when I finally discovered it.

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Bindweed is usually white-flowered, and the flowers are noticeably smaller than the Morning Glory vines whose seeds are sold in packets at gardening centers.

I've seen each, and I'm sure most of us have, whether or not we identified Bindweed at the time. The ornamental Morning Glory blooms are maybe 2" across from edge to edge and are (usually) variations on purple or "blue"; the bindweed I saw in Newark, California, in an industrial "office park parking lot" had blooms max. 1" from edge to edge. Every one of them was white.

Maybe this will help a little in identification.

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