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First Ripe Tomato

We got our first ripe tomato and our first picking of okra.Cabbage,cauliflower, and broccoli,are finished.Too much squash and cucumbers.Corn is silking,'taters have been dug.Peas and peppers are bloomin',beans are about ready to pick and we're going on vacation! :cry:
I guess the neighbors will eat well.

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My beans are just starting to come on, but I do have a tomato that is about 1.5 in. in diameter and getting bigger each day. I don't think the variety grows very large, so I'm hoping for a June tomato this year.

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Yay for you! I wish my garden was this far along. : ) I can't wait for tomatoes.

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One of my Black Pearl tomatoes waved at me & said "I'm ripe!" It was only one, but it was so sweet & I was so excited!! I have 17 tomato plants.

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My first early started container tomatoes are ripening, and the sugar snap peas finally woke up and did something so we have them. I just planted the second round of sweet corn, the first will be knee high by the fourth of July.....OOOOOOOOOOOOKLAHOMA where the wind comes whippen down the plain.....

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Ripe tomato? I am jealous.

Have a great vacation!

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Here are my first ones of the year...they may be little, but boy were they yummy!


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OMG I can't wait to eat the first one of the year!!! You are savoring every last bite I bet.

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Got my first ripe tomato last night too.. just finished eating it at lunch today.. delish!

I've been eating cherries for a few weeks now, but this was the first large tomato.

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first tomato

Way to Go! Still waiting for ours to ripen. We have ten plants and tons of fruit but still waiting for that first red one. Temps have been in the 100s for almost two weeks now and the tomatos would really prefer a little less to ripen....
However we are picking beans like crazy. About a gallon each day. Zuccini and pickling cukes also going like mad.

Good luck and good eating.

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Oh how lucky you are!!! I cant wait for my garden to ripen!!! I am so jealous of you and wish I was your neighbor!!!
Have a great vacation!!

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