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Potatos are down!!

I had to go to Ohio today to see a friend in the VA hospital, while I was gone it monsooned here, the water level in my pool is four inches higher than when I left this morning. I looked at my garden when I got home and half of my potato plants look as if they were trampled, but it's from the heavey rains, have any of you ever experianced anything like this? Im hoping that they will stand back up but if they don't is there anything I can do to help them?
Paul :(
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if they don't stand up on themselves... you can always stake them up or tye them up... it happened to me last year.. tied them up and altough they were leaning, they still lived

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Yup, happened to me with a storm that had very high winds of 65mph, and I staked them, and they came back up.
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Hey have you had enough of the rain yet? Im in barrington illinois about an hour north from you and this rain is getting old! Im thinking about building an arc! Ive never done potatoes but please keep us posted how you do. I still have room in my garden but cant make my mind up what to fill the 5'x5' hole with-i usually don't have this problem.
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Yeah rain is getting old here in Cincinnati too... but finally we are supposed to have 3 dry sunny days, now through Fri. Sat the rains come back ;m hoping to at least get the lawn mowed and spray for fungal diseases in here before it rains again!
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I'm in Grayslake, IL and the only things that seem to love this rain is the mosquitos.. geez.

As soon as I get outside I start a fire in hopes the smoke keeps them at bay ... it usually works.

My potato plants are ok (however I heard the south got hit harder) but then again they are in hay so it's a auto-support for the plant.

Regards to the 5x5 space - I wish I would have planted more bee-lovin' plants in or near my garden this year...

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Thanks for all the good advice, it's good to see so many "homey's" on this sight. Yep this rain we've been haveing is CRAZY I sure hope we're through with the monsoon season. If my taters don't stand up on thier own, and I don't think they will Im going to stake them, but the problem is my garden is too wet to get into right now, maybe she'll be dry enough tomorrow morning.
Paul :D
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