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Sorry - Onions and Garlic?

I know this has been discussed but when can I pick garlic and Onions I planted in May. I think its when the stalks turn yellow but I also remember someone saying late into the season? Since they are underground I have no way to judge.. Thanks for the help.

Also, with Broccoli, when does it stop growing heads or shoots? I was thinking if there is an end date maybe i can rip them out and plant something else for a late summer crop?

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Garlic: Let it grow until the tops are turning brown. That might be mid August.

Onions: You can eat onions any time from little green ones now to big fat bulbs in the fall. You decide. Again, it may be August for the harvest of large bulbs.

Broccoli: Some varieties produce more side shoots than others. In any case broccoli may keep producing up until hard frost. It is always the last thing blooming here and my bees love it.
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Did you say you also planted *garlic* in April? They'll need to be harvested as jal_ut said, but I doubt you see a large multi-clove bulb. Around here, good time to plant garlic is in Fall after Columbus Day (same timeframe as tulips, etc. spring bulbs). I've planted as late as mid November before the ground freezes solid, but it's better to plant earlier to allow good root development and some top growth. Mulch well (6~8") until spring thaw (early March or so).

You *could* also leave the garlic in the ground instead of harvesting if you find that your garlic ended up with a single large clove. I missed a one last year and they all sprouted and grew, though in my case, it was a full sized multi-bulb so I ended up with multiple little shoots -- they really do need to be separated into individual cloves for growing.

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Re the broccoli. There's no end date, but for me there is a point of diminishing returns. The little side shoots get smaller and fewer. I plant my broccoli early (in March) in the same bed that the tomatoes will go in. Then once I've harvested the main head and a few side shoots, I pull them to make room for the tomato plants to get bigger. They are already gone (back in May).

I will plant some more late in the season (in a different bed) for a fall crop.
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You can also harvest some garlic, and leave a few as a pest deterrent.

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For the onions, wait until about 2/3 of the tops have turned brown and fallen over. Then, take a garden hoe and knock the rest of them over. Wait about 2 weeks after this and then harvest them.
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