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snow peas

i live in north alabama. it does not start to cool off here until late september and can freeze here by mid-november. can i plant snow peas in the fall. how cool does it have to be before you can plant.

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I would plant them the last week of August. Yes, it may still be hot, but if you wait until much later, they won't be ready before frost. You can pre sprout them by soaking overnight, then put them on damp paper towells in a dish and set on top of the refrigerator for 2 or 3 days. Plant them out when you see tails. You will need about 75 frost free days from
planting seed out till harvest. It takes a little more time for a fall crop than a spring crop.
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I'd say to start around mid August since in will be at least a week before the seeds even sprout, unless you pre-sprout them, like Jal says. If you do that, it wouldn't be a bad idea to wait til the end of August.
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