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Experiment Updates

Some time back there was an interesting thread about 2010 Garden Experiments. The link is below. I thought it would be interesting to post some progress reports:

I built boxes on the side of a small pier, hauled in top soil and created some "mater boxes". I have battled BER and, most recently, Early Blight. But so far, I have lots of tomatoes and the new growth looks good and healthy. I removed a lot of blighted limbs and leaves.


I also planted some some tomatoes in the side of the boxes, thinking that if weeds could grow through the cracks perhaps tomatoes could too. If this experiment works, I can see "mater holes" all around the boxes next year.

Nutin as good as a kitchen sink mater sammich

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Hmmmm, pickin' maters while fishing. New sport? Very nice!

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Things seem to be looking good! :)
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