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Ok, not slugs

but something is doing a real # on my bean leaves.... There are some holes on my broccoli leaves but nothing to worry too much about. Tried beer, tried a board, no slugs.. Any other ideas on what can be shredding my stringbean leaves and how to KILL the little buggers?\

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Look closely on your plants; have you seen any beetles or flies on them? Maybe also try looking at dusk or after dark.

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I do most of my pest hunting at night, because that's when the moths that lay various eggs on the plants visit the garden. I definitely recommend doing it as soon as possible, because it sounds like something is really doing some damage.


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Can you post a pic?

You sometimes need to get down to the plants level and search carefully for insects on the plants.

I don't know what your tolerances are for pesticides, but you can use some Diatomaceous Earth to discourage insects. It is not a chemical.

There are some other herbal remedies that sometimes work. It would help if you could find the culprit.

Any grasshoppers around?

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