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Hats off to all you gardeners who deal with rain on a regular basis! A week or so ago, I had a taste of what gardening is like for you, and it wasn't pretty. When the rain comes in a downpour, it's tough to know when next to water.

A few days after our big rain, I went outside to fried pepper plants. Man, I thought they had received at least a week's worth of rain (1.5" in 2 days), but it must have all run off the top. They're fine now, but I think I'd go crazy worrying whether my plants were dry or suffering root rot.

Then there's the wet-weather diseases. I've been watching my pole beans struggle with blight since Wyoming's Great Wet. I think they're going to make it, now that we're back to business-as-usual: rain twice a month in moderate amounts. I can't imagine how you wetlanders must feel to bring a little seed to glorious maturity, only to lose it to disease.

I like my sun. I like being in control of how much water they get and when. I like not worrying that my fellows won't develop trench foot. Kudos to those of you who regularly deal with rain!
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