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Too many Cukes ?

I am doing my first garden this year, using mostly containers that are 18"x18" and 14" deep. My original cucumber seeds were slow to sprout so I planted more and now have 6 in a single container. (pic below)

They are suddenly growing very quickly so I'm thinking I need to take some out. My plan was to let them grow out of the container and off the deck onto the lattice that covers the deck.

Will cucumbers grow and be able to hold the fruit growing straight down??

How many plants do you think the container can reasonably support??

Thank you!!


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I think you have twice as much as the container can support. As the vines continue to grow longer, you'll definitely see a change, I bet. Although I don't recall the actual dimensions right now, I have 12 growing in a 34 gallon tote bin that are doing fabulous.
The vines can easily support the cucumbers, but the tendrils need something to latch onto as it trails downward.


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I always go all out like you've done but snip the tops off a couple early to encourage side shoots otherwise you end up with them all racing straight up.
I >>used to<< grow vegetables in containers on my balcony and this >>was<< my Blog:

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