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Planting Tomatoes

Now that Memorial Day is past and there is no frost in the 5 day forecast, I think I will dare to plant my tomatoes out. It is also time to plant cantaloupe and cucumbers. I know this will sound weird for you folks in Georgia, but we had a frost two days ago. I have been moving my tomatoes into the shed every night and out in the morning.

It has been a cool rainy season this year. I got some early stuff planted in April, and some corn in May, but it has been too wet most days to get out in the garden and weed. I am going to have some catching up to do.
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We go through the "put the tomatoes plants in, put the tomatoes plants out, and then worry all about" routine also, just at a different time of the year. Good luck, and keep those cover buckets handy.

This year I had to use a tarp a few times for my beans and lettuce.
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My estimated last frost date is May 20. Last year the last frost was on May 18... a week after I planted my pepeprs. This year the last frost was in early May but the garden wasn't ready so I couldn't plant if I wanted to. I'm still putting some things in. Hopefully today will be the last of it. Some peppers will have to go into muddy clay though.

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I got my tomatoes out around April 8th, but they didn't grow much until May. I won't plant so early next year, because the possibility of a late frost was just too stressful.


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Catching up huh? I have tomatoes on my counter-top waiting to be eaten. But I still see you surpassing me somehow. :D

Sure I started a couple of moths ago but you can do it so well it blows my mind.

I can't wait to see your garden this summer.

have fun Jal.

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Well, my average last frost is May 15, but I put some in the ground on May 1. I had some milk-jug cloches on them that saved them from the one frost that came. They are all doing good and there are even flowers on a few of them.
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We got down to 28 degrees on May 30. Out of desperation (plan ahead?), I had to plant my tomatoes on May 10 and wound up covering them every night but two. It's been a cold, cold May in Wyoming. A few nights they suffered frost damage despite the overturned containers and quilt over that. They're quickly recovering, though, and I am pretty excited at the thought of having tomatoes by the end of June!

Darn it, Gixx! You've got tomatoes on the counter already?
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Today I got all my 40 tomato plants planted and 18 pepper plants.
It was an overcast day. Pleasant to be working in the garden.
Gardening at 5000 feet elevation, zone 4/5 Northern Utah, Frost free from May 25 to September 8 +/-

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I picked my first tomatoes last night. 20 little red cherry tomatoes ready to be eaten.

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Have about 25 tomato plants in since Mid May. Started some black krim, mortgage lifter and the freebees from our hosts here at the helpful gardener. Put a half a dozen mortgage lifters and half a dozen krims in last night. Managed to get 3 black and brown boar and 1 tie-dye to poke up. Put 2 boar and the tie dye in last night as well.

I still have about 50 to stick in the ground of various varieties... 90% heirloom... Not sure I want that many tomatoes around as I am not sure I can get rid of them all later in the year.

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I planted my tomatoes about a week ago. They are mostly triple in size already! It's been mostly in the 80s in the daytime and they have had several good waterings. Wow!

Back in April while I was potting up my tomatoes and peppers I had a tomato and a pepper that I didn't have room for and was going to throw out and as I was headed to the garbage with them I deciced to stick them in the pots in front of my house and haven't paid too much attention to them. Well I was out there today and miraculously they have survived probably a dozen or so frosts and, while being behind they are also triple their original size and they look great!! I am amazed!

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