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Pushing in the clutch and going up a gear.

Things are starting to go into production mode here and quickly at that. I have a couple more of the potato buckets ready to dump. More tomatoes blushing and getting picked. Peas are coming in like no tomorrow. I checked my zucchini either yesterday or the day before and nothing today there are 3 five inch fruits on them. Pepper plants are fruiting. Lettuce is going hog wild. Etc.

No I'm going on vacation this Friday doesn't' it figure everything is going to going full steam and I will be gone for a week. :roll:

Who wants to gardensit, all the fresh veggies you can muster?

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You've got me jealous! Just do what my dw did last year. Tell the neighbor to come and "get whatever you want" while we were on vacation. The neighbor brought over the family and cleaned out the garden. :lol: was my reaction. :evil: was hers!

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