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top soil

I use a product called earthgro. It is suppose to be natural and good for the enviroment. My plants look healthy and are already producing nice blooms. Anyone have any info on this stuff?

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I know this is the general vegetable gardening forum and not the Organic vegetable gardening forum, but you are going to still find it quite lopsided in opinion.

I just don't buy any Scott's brand products.

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Earthgro makes a variety of products: potting soil, topsoil, "organic humus and manure" and others. Your subject line said topsoil. If you meant that and what you have is Earthgro topsoil, here is what Scotts (the mfr) says about it in their own website:

Ideal for filling in holes and leveling low areas
Use as a base material to build landscape beds and gardens

Notice it does NOT say it is good for growing things in! It is basically inexpensive fill dirt/sand. If that is what you are using you need to be sure to add amendments for soil fertility and health such as compost, aged manure, earthworm castings, etc.
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This stuff sounds like it's really no better than regular topsoil. The dirt in your own yard is probably better than this as it probably has some organic matter and worm castings. If this is what you are looking at buying, I'd say to just go out and dig up some regular dirt and mix it with compost.
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I've used the Earthgro bagged dirt for years as a starting point for my raised bed gardens. It's nothing more than a starting point. It does contain some natural minerals and some bacteria. It has almost no organic material in it and it usually has an abundance of small rocks. I've used it by adding lots of organics. It has some kind of clay in it that also forms a pretty hard top crust in the garden when it dries a little. It really does need to be modified with amendments.

I'm building three new beds this summer for a winter garden this year and a spring garden next year. Instead of going the $1.29 per bag route this time, I had fourteen yards of really good topsoil delivered yesterday for $125.00. It's getting really, really hard to find high quality top soil by the truckload in my area. This load should last me for a couple of years.

The topsoil I had delivered is really good, but it is no better than the soil I have in my beds which is comprised of Earthgro and lots of amendments.

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