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Ants, how to get rid of them?

As I was perusing the garden last night I noticed that I have a lot of ants running amuck on the plants.

Are they a helpful insect (don't think so), and if not how do I get rid of them? I need to know soon before my hubby goes all Sevin Dust on them.
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As something of a beginner myself...this is far from expert opinion, but....

I haven't had any trouble with ants in my matter of fact, I planted one eggplant right on top of an anthill (didn't realize it until the hole was dug, i guess :oops: ) and it is doing very well weeks later.

I did have aphids on my snow peas, and the ants were "herding" them, but once the aphids were more ant trouble. I mostly don't worry about them unless they are fire ants (ouch!!)

Could be wrong, but it doesn't seem like they are causing trouble.....


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Ants are not particularly harmful in the garden--they don't eat plants-- and they do help aerate the soil.

There is a four page thread on getting rid of ants currently active here:

Type ant control into the Search the Forum feature and you will find tons of stuff already written here.
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