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When our zukes are in full swing and we have way too much, we grate them up and freeze the grated squash in vacuum sealed bags for future bread and soup bases. Works pretty darn good and lasts well. I am going to try making sweet pickles with the small ones we have right now. I'll let you guys know how they turned out.

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:shock: Healthier pickles?!?! SCORE! My kid loves pickles! Rock on Lorax! Are they still crunchy?
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More so than cuke pickles, actually, as long as you soak the zucchs/squashes in brine overnight before beginning the canning process.

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Dixana. If you go by my recipe I was wrong with the amount of Italian seasoning it'd 2 teaspoons not tablespoons. I discovered this when I made it this week! I will go edit it now!

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