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Will these squash plants produce fruit?

When preparing our tomato beds, we put in some composted material that must've had whole squash seeds, because after a few weeks there were all these butternut squash plants popping up.

We've left several of them to see what would happen. Now some are getting big (maybe 9" tall, 18" wide) but no flowers in sight. I don't know enough about this, having grown nothing but tomatoes. At what point should we expect to see flowers? Or at what point should I give up and pull them out because they will not produce fruit? They came from organic squash from our csa box, whatever that's worth.

Any help on this would be appreciated.

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I'd give it a little more time. Last year the only squash I ate from my garden were the delicata and butternut that volunteered in flower beds. All the squash I actually planted got root borers and died.

The delicata was originally from my CSA... we had our first pick up of CSA produce today! Makes me so happy!
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Those squash vines haven't even got a good start yet. They will end up 12 feet long and have several fruits on each vine. Just give it some time, and water.
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