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Milk Mixture - 12 to 1?

I know everyone suggests 10 to 1, but I was thinking of using my siphon mixer (which is 12 to 1) and the mister attachment for my hose to get my plants with the milk/water mixture, so I don't kill my hands/wrists/forearms with spray bottles spraying the hundreds of plants in my garden every couple days. Will 12 to 1 be just fine?

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You could add a spoonful of yogurt to up the lactobillus(sp?) content of the mix. 5hake it really hard or mix it in a blender/food processor and it liquefies more than enough to go through a sprayer.
I found out when I gave my little guy the last of the milk for bed the other night. The plants didn't seem to mind the tiny pieces of peach either seeing as I didn't have plain yogurt :lol:

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I don't have an exact ratio of water to milk. I just add some to the water, usually when I rinse out milking equipment. It seems to work for me no matter what dilution I use. I suppose if you had fungus, it might be more exacting, but for prevention, I wouldn't worry about it, use the dilution that is most convenient.
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10 to 1, 12 to 1; personally I thing to just go ahead and use it. I don't think the slight difference will cause any adverse affects at all. Good luck, I think I'll have to give this technique a try on my squash this year to prevent the powdery mildew.
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