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mint in my garden

i have heard from a few people that planting my mint in my garden was not a good idea any thoughts about it?
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Mint is perenual, invasive, and impossible to get rid of it once you plant it, cause it propagates via roots. It doesn't stay where you plant it, pops up everywhere.

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If you don't want it taking over your garden, some people do in certain instances. You may want to try and dig it up and transplant it to a pot. IF you do this make SURE you get all the root, dig pretty far around it.

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Basically agree with above. The reason why people caution against mint is given decent conditions it can be so aggressive/ invasive, take over your yard. I have some planted in the ground in dry shade, poor clay/rock soi. Given that, it still spreads, but not as rampantly and I can keep up by pulling it.

If yours is in better conditions than mine and if you don't want a yard full of mint, then gixx is right, better to dig it out and put in containers.
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