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Nitrogen suggestions

Hello all, Very new here and to gardening. Love the forum. I have had some issues with yellowing leaves on cucs and end rot on squash and through reading many poasts have determined that my issue is with lack of nitrogen in the soil as I have used straw as mulch which I understand takes away nitrogen as it decomposes. What would be the best way to add nitrogen into the soil quickly and organically? Consequently, I have tomatoes in the same raised bed and they are doing GREAT! Does that makes sense? Any help would be great. :D


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Just apply an organic fertilizer - a liquid one for speed - where the 'N' in the 'N P K' is higher than the others. 'N' stands for nitrogen, 'P' for phosphorus, and 'K' for potassium. Take a look at the following website for (fairly) easily understood information:
Good luck!

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Composted manure also works great. Though, certain manures should not be used with certain plants. For instance, avoid use of chicken manure with potatoes and corn. And sheep manure should also be avoided with these plants.

And a warning about the use of manures;

don't just use manures as they can cause the accumulation of salts in the soil so, add other organics such as mulched leaves to give your soil the proper tilth and structure.

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