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1chichi wrote:
DoubleDogFarm wrote:Or you can find someone that can weld you up some fun plant support.

Paint it or not.

I love your trellis! How can I make it?
What kind of metal is it? What tool do I need to fuse the metal?
These would look great across the front yard w/ tomatoes growing on them.

Wow! These sure would be nice for my tomato plants!!
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For tomatoes? I would have said beans. I don't know how tall that is, but it seems to be angled the wrong direction for tomatoes which are very small at the bottom, just one stem and usually you remove all the bottom leaves, and get huge at the top. How would you support all the top branches?
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I don't know yet. It's listed as Hot, and I've read that it ranges from 5,000 to 30,000 :shock: Scoville Units, that immature fruits have no heat or is super spicy, that heat increases as the fruits mature and that heat in bright red fruits are mellowed :? :lol:

As confusing as it is, it's a "local" heirloom (Philly/Baltimore area) in addition to the physical appearance, so I had to have it. 8)

I'll let you know how it tastes. I guess I can pick some hard green (streaked with cream) ones to start with. :wink:

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applestar wrote:I don't know yet. It's listed as Hot, and I've read that it ranges from 5,000 to 30,000 :shock: Scoville Units
I'm trying to grow the bhut jolokia this year, which tops out at 1,000,000 Scovils. Hoever, I say "trying" because while all my other peppers are flowering and bearing fruit, my bhuts are just starting to but. Hopefully they will catch up.
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