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I want to plant some asparagus but I know they are invasive so what I am thinking of is some kind of container to put them in. I could surround them with flashing or some thing of the sort, I thought of a big plastic tub with holes cut in the bottom. My question is how deep do I need to go to keep the roots from spreading?

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You want the roots to spread,that's how you get more asparagus.Just have them spread in the area you want.I built a raised bed beside the regular garden for mine.I built a 4 x 30 foot bed and put twenty roots down the middle.By the end of summer I should have the bed filled to the top.(14 inches)

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I agree, you want them to multiply. I don't believe that they are very hard to control if they start to go where you do not want them to be. Not like weeds or garlic chives :wink:. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but don't the asparagus spread rather slowly anyway?

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Hi TomF, I really can't add to your question on Asparagus. I trying to grow it also so I thought I would ask my question here, please forgive me if this is rude because I thought this might be hijacking your thread, but I thought it would be silly to start another on this subject.

Anyway I bought some asparagus "seedlings" I think they would be called seedlings they came in a plastic bag (6 of them), they were brown and had some short roots. I planted them and 4 weeks later they are still brown and look exactly the same. Since I'm a new gardener I don't know if this normal or if I just stuck dead stuff in the ground. A little info from someone who grows asparagus would be welcome.

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I never heard of asparagus being invasive. In fact it can't stand competition from other plants that is one of the reasons that you have to mulch it heavily every year. John

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Thanks all, I just love asparagus I think I may do the razed bed thing.
Lunacy it is fine that is what this place is all about.

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This is also my 1st attempt at planting purple asparagus. I bought 20, 2 yr roots from gurneys, only recieved 19, called them and they sent me 10 more. I planted them about a month ago so far only about 1/3 of them have come up but they are very slooow...ive dug down and the roots look alive I am going to cover them over anyway and plant the last 10 today just to get it done and what ever comes up comes up. I'm not going to worry about it anymore. planted them close to the fence side of the garden and I plan to plant some purple pole beans up the fence this year while I can get to it. can you tell I love purple! if I could figure out how to post a picture I'd show you the cute little asparaguy that have come up.

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growing asparagus does not qualify for "instant gratification" status.

that's the bad news.

the good news is, a properly done asparagus patch will go on-and-on-and-on for 10-15 years, no probbies.

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Last year I purchased my crowns from a regional supplier(asparagus king).They were very large and somewhat dry.I placed them in a cooler filled with liquid kelp moistened peat for one week.They went into a prepared bed3' deepx4'widex24'long.An Alabama friend of mine who has grown organic asparagus for decades was so impressed he wants me to help him start his own new beds.

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What jbest said. Asparagus is not invasive. Give it a spot it can have for many years as it lasts a long time. It likes full sun.

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We have had our asparagus in for 3 years now and still have not gotten enough to harvest any. So no they are not invasive from my point of view.

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