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My new garden

Hi everyone,
Well after a few tillings, and soil prep (my garden is in vergine ground) I just got everything planted yesterday except the potatoes, I have to wait for them to dry out a bit. I have 14 tomato plants including Brandywine, Early Girls, Celebrity,Roma, and Bigboys. I have two rows of sweet corn, a whole junk load of peas, and beans, bell peppers, onions, Sugar Baby mellons, and Oakra, and next week I'll plant the taters. At sun-up every morning I ride my bike 15 miles, when I got home I started to work on my new garden, and did'nt go back up to the house until 5PM! I WAS HAVEING SOOO MUCH FUN WITH THAT GARDEN!! But it's all done now, and it rained last night, and is supposed to do the same today so that will be good for a newly planted garden, I got soaked on my bike ride this morning though. This is the first garden I've had since the early eighties so now that it's in what should I do in the form of preventative maintainance for bugs, and deseases that could ruin my new found friend? Any info will be greatly appriciated.
Paul :D :D :D

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Thanks for the kind words, and good advice, I need all the help I can get, I will post some pics .
Paul :D

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gundogblue wrote: I have two rows of sweet corn, .
Yes, sounds like you're doing great to me.

You didn't say how long your rows of Corn are. (?)
But, I thought I would throw this in for you... Corn will usually pollinate better if it's planted in a "block" or "square", instead of 1 or 2 long rows.
So, if you planted 2 long rows this time ... at your next planting, you might try the same total length of rows, but made into 4 rows (instead of just 2 rows)... to see if you get better results.

Keep up the good work!

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your garden sounds great can't wait to see pics.

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