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Hi to all

Hello I still have the problem with my tomato plants I cut off a lot of new
flowers and leaves, so it might give more strengh to the plant it self and it seems to have made some difference but not much :( .
I have another problem to its my chilly peppers that the ants are eating the flowers. can any1 give me some advice on what can I spray on them!
Is Malathion57 any good? and what is the doseage for the solution? because the writeing on the bottle is unreadable its so small
thankyou all Mr Smit

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Malathion is not the best thing for ants but it would work. As for directions, I'd recommend a magnifying glass; the mixing directions can be different from product to product despite the fact that they share a common ingredient...

Try a ring of diatomaceous earth around the base of each pepper plant; the ants won't want to cross it and the peppers will like the ph addition...


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