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Rescued peper plant's need a bit of help

So I saw that my old neighbors moved away and abandoned some sad looking pepper's behind. I of course jumped on the opportunity to try my hand at growing pepper's with some adult plant's. I transplanted them with their barely there leaves and very shallow small root system. One I picked off all the fruit and just let it recoup the other I picked off almost all the pepper's except the big one just to see what it was. Turn's out it was a bell pepper and began turning red so I picked it because while the one without any pepper's to produce was putting on a lot more leaves and turning green the other with the one large pepper was stunted. Now the one that did have the large pepper is doing better but some of the leaves are turning yellow. The bed is new put together this last winter and chalk full of good stuff, manure, soil, I even water with pond water from time to time. What am I doing wrong?

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It all sounds good to me. Removing the fruit, I'm thinking, was a good idea. Give it time to recover. Maybe a little organic liquid fertilizer.

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