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How to Keep Slugs Off Plants Naturally

Posted: Sun Jun 18, 2006 12:29 pm
by Solomonsgardens
Hi! What is the cheapest and most natural way (chemical scents bother me) to keep slugs out of my flowerbeds and plant containers?
I've heard of using beer to lure them and drown them. Has anybody had any success with this method?

I'm presently sprinkling cayenne pepper on my flowerbeds and plant containers. But after it wears off, the slugs come again. This could get expensive.


Posted: Mon Jun 19, 2006 7:46 pm
by sminkah

I have had success with the beer method. Just sink a glass of beer (or as I didn't have any I used ginger ale!) about a foot away from your plants and they love it, but it does kill them off.

Another method that I have used is egg shells around the plant, around an inch or two away from the stem or bush of the plant. Make sure they are cleaned out so do don't end up with any vermin; but they don't like walking over the sharp edges. Oh, make sure you put the sharp side up.

good luck :o)

Posted: Sun Jun 25, 2006 7:44 am
by decam0
I had holes all over my potato leaves, so I sprinkled rolled oats around and it seemed to have stopped it getting worse. Aparently, the slugs and snails eat the oats and then dry up. Nice ready-stuffed meal for the frogs hedgehogs and birds!

Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2006 8:26 pm
by opabinia51
It has been pointed out to myself and others by the Helpful Gardener that beer actually attracts slugs, so be sure to place it in places that you want slugs to come to (away from your plants).

Copper strips around your plants will keep slugs away and I am currently blanking ... (oh wait!) also, a wire mesh around the plants will also keep slugs away. They cannot cross these barriers.

I am still blanking on the other technique.

Thanks for your input

Posted: Thu Jun 29, 2006 4:30 pm
by Solomonsgardens
Hi! Thanks for your input! I will keep your methods in mind and maybe one of them will wrok for me!