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Eric, again; very nice! I love the way you set your area up. I do have a question though. What do you do with Jerusalem Artichokes? If I remember correctly, they are the roots of a bushy herbaceous plant. Similar in appearance to fresh ginger. How is it prepared to eat?


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Ted, Thank you.

Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus) is a species of Sunflower.

We prepare the tubers many ways, Roast like a potato. Grate it raw over mixed salad. Slice and dip raw into ranch dressing. Soups. When roasted, creamier texture (not dry) then a potato with a slight sunflower taste.

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Another day at the Farmers Market tomorrow. Last Saturday it rained and sales were down. It also may have had something to do with Memorial Day weekend. Tomorrow looks more promising, the forcast calls for sunshine and a balmy 68 degrees :D

Lots of warm season plants.

6 varieties of Tomatoes
2 varieties of Peppers
2 varieties of Eggplant
Swiss Chard, bright lights
Red Kale
Bok Choy
6 varieties of winter Squash
3 Varieties of sumer Squash
2 varieties of Cucumber
18 one gallon berry bushes


Anyone else doing their local Farmers Market :?: :?: :?:
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yummmm! Best wishes for $uccess tomorrow!

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