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Yahoo!!! I scored some free mulch !

:clap: Went to the local Ace HW, They had just unpacked tons of water fountains bird baths etc. There is tons of what looks like a raw wood straw, I asked the manager what he was going to do with it, he said I could have it...its really nice stuff looks like easter basket hay but its wood. I am going back for a second trip now and sending hubby with the truck when he gets home from work!!! Looks like great stuff. If you need mulch check out anywhere that sells these fountains and birdbaths.
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sounds like excelsior - commonly used as packing / cushioning material in Mexico, and others.

see: https://www.answers.com/topic/excelsior-1

caution: extremely flammable - goes up like gasoline

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yeah... good for you! You do realize this makes you a mulch moocher... :P

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Good deal! You said that it is really woody (or did I read wrong?); do you think that it may take longer to break down? Might be a good idea to mix in some grass clippings with it to balance the green : brown ration and aid in decomposition.

Anyway, congratulations on your find!

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