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Few photos from the garden...

While huge gusts of wind shredded half of the planted tomatoes, on the positive note, cool crops are doing well.

6 types of lettuce (planted in successions 2 weeks apart)



Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and some unknown variety of "Chinese" cabbage (freebie)



The weather is settling down finally, looks like possible last frost tonight, then in the upper 40's and low 50's for the next 10 days, will be planting most of tomatoes and peppers this weekend I hope.


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Wow DV, you must eat a lot of greens! :D
Looking great! I think the leafy greens do look best at this time of the season, before the bugs really come out in force. :() This year, with better handle on the slugs so far, my leafies are looking pretty good too.

I keep looking at the weather forecasts too. So... well... IFFY! :roll:
I'm thinking of planting a few toms under protection tomorrow (1 week earlier than last year) and some more on Thursday which is my average last frost, no matter what the weather forecasts say.

My cool weathers are coming along... slowly, though, indication of still cool temperature? I had a nice harvest for a huge salad yesterday, and I did give them some Neptune's Harvest Fish today.

BTW -- my salad included center of dandelion flowers (the fragrance as well as the yellow punch in color really adds to the salad), lambs quarters and cilantro thinnings, Japanese parsley leaves, flowering tops of garlic mustard, young plantain leaves, and pansy flower petals. :D

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Wow! Way to go D. I like salad, could eat every day.

The Asian cabbage, napa type maybe "Tenderheart" I also have grown China Express, like them both

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