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I always try to grow something not normally seen around here. That has included Tainung-2 hibiscus, cotton, sorghum, rice, peanuts, Jicama, Sikkim cucumber, Angel's Trumpet & Datura and bananas.


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Hi Folks.!
I acquired a cutting of a Goji Berry ( Wolf berries) bush and it rooted very well. After much nurturing for about4 months, it has now started to flower and hopefully bear the berries.!

My cherimoya are growing nicely and the fruit are maturing soon to be consumed in May.

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Tea. I drink it.

Tobacco. I don't smoke it.

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There is one plant I would love to have I saw it on TV. It was globe Trekker I think they were doing the long hike to the Andes mountains or maybe it was the Himalayan mountains or maybe Kilimanjaro mountains. Anyone someone accident brushed their arm against a plant and very quick the guide washed their arm real good to get it clean. Just brushing against the plant is all it takes in 20 minutes it will purge your body with some very bad diaerha and vomiting. I don't remember the name but I want one of those plants. It would make a great security system for a house.

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Yuck. Sounds cool, but the cleanup would be brutal.

If you really want some hostile landscaping, I have some experience with that. It depends on what effect you want and who you are trying to repel.

Also local ordinances may not allow the most effective plantings.

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Well, Lorax wins this one in my opinion.

Lorax, I'd love to be able to grow all of those great tropical fruits that you do!

Another unusual crop I'd like to try growing is the type of corn (maize) that gets 20 feet tall. Now, that would be interesting.

Gary, why don't you just put a bunch of cactus plants all around :lol:. If you want to be really nasty, you can use the ones with the really small needles.

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Eric, I didn't see your post until today. It looks like the black one. Next time I'm at the garden center I'll look at the tag and see which one it is, then let you know.
Out here it's a common landscaping shrub.
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