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Lightning Rods?

I ordered some dirt the other day and I talked with the guy who delivered it for a while and found out he has an agriculture degree from the university of minnesota (the owner of the place). He was telling me that lightning rods in your garden can be very useful because lightning creates nitrogen, which I already knew but never thought about putting a lightning rod in the garden. Has anyone tried this? Have you seen good results? Can it be dangerous to have a lightning rod in your garden?

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In my opinion you would have to be nuts to put a lightning rod in your garden if its even remotely close to your house or anything else valuable. Lightning can jump around like frogger. So unless my garden is in the middle of a field. No way!

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Take it from Reg, not a good idea :wink:

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Out some horse manure in your garden - much safer way to get nitrogen.

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He was telling me that lightning rods in your garden can be very useful because lightning creates nitrogen,
Its true.
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The air we breath is 70% nitrogen. So what would you gain by having lightning rods?

Lightning is stored up in the clouds when the electrical charge become large enough the electrons discharge to the ground. OK lets assume you can attract lightning to your garden. Lightning strikes in a 100th of a second and it is true lightning adds nitrogen to the air but it also adds Ozone. The amount of nitrogen that could be added might increase the 70% nitrogen in the air by .0001% for a few seconds.

You can build a Tesla Coil and have all the lightning you want. Not stop lightning for hours and hours but it won't help your garden.

Here is my 10" Tesla Coil is makes 12 foot long sparks. I can set it in the back yard and make a 27 foot diameter circle of arcs and sparks. It is pretty amazing but it doesn't help my garden at all. I have several smaller Tesla Coils too.







If you fly a kite using a tiny electrical wire instead of string you can attract high voltage electricity out of the air even on a day where there are no thunderstorms. I nice hot 95 degree clean July day no clouds in the sky at all you get a kite up about 1000 ft and it will shock you so bad it will knock you out cold as a cucumber. It could even kill you. I'm not sure how many volts there is on a clear sunny day but its not enough to make lightning most of the time. There is such a thing as heat lightning during the summer. You can also attract high voltage with a kite on a 60 or 70 deg day spring, summer or fall.

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I agree, Gary. According to everything I've read with anything resembling a recent date of publication, the nitrogen oxides formed during a thunderstorm really do very little. By the time they make it to the ground, the storm is miles away.

Very nice Tesla coil you have there! And the shots of electrical discharges are impressive! [img][/img]
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:shock: !! WOW !! :shock:

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I really got a charge out of seeing your Tesla coils Gary. 8)

As far as lightning rods go I think I would not want to be in that garden.

I just had a strange thought; I would not want to have all the piercing some people do in a thunderstorm, as you may be a human lightning rod.

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