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Yuck. Sorry. I know it sounds very inconsistent, but I just can't deal with the idea of it....and I worked in an office with a Cajun geologist who loved to drive us all nuts with his "huntin' 'em down" stories of many...uh...creatures.

But he was *such* a yarn-spinner that I'm not sure where experience left off and story-telling began. :wink:

As long as the demons stay away from the plants I'm growing for ME and DH and my dogs, they can have their freedom. But not in my veggies!

My kind of luck, if I were to try even a slingshot, I'd break a neighbor's window. $$$ *sigh*


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tedln wrote:jmoore, I thought there was a bag limit in Texas, but it was pretty high,

Squirrel really is good to eat. I hadn't eaten it until we moved to Louisiana about twenty years ago. A friend brought over a gallon sized zip lock bag of "hams" as he called them. Shake them in seasoned flour and deep fry them. They are really good. Many of our cajun friends cooked stews and gumbos with whole squirrels minus the hair and internals included in the pot. I sure miss my cajun food. Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez.

Bag limits are by county. I just check TPWD website and most are either no bag limit or 10 per day for the ones I saw.

It's been a long time since I've had squirrel. I recall it being fine. And I'm sure it's fine if it's dredged in cornmeal and fried or put into a gumbo! Heck, my garden trowel would be good cooked like that.

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Squirrels tend to enjoy digging up flowers that have I've planted, though for some reason they left the garden untouched last year. 0_o

I wonder if marigolds could help?

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Squirrels are in the same category as rats and mice. Vermin! I don't understand why anyone would tolerate them. IMO

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jal_ut wrote:Squirrels are in the same category as rats and mice. Vermin! I don't understand why anyone would tolerate them. IMO
Cause they taste good! nutz:


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