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Garden plant tags

One of the best tips I ever found was something someone used for marking tomato plants, but it works for just about anything in the garden. Colored flagging tape (any hardware store) and a black sharpie marker for the name of my vegetables. I tie it onto cages, stakes, and trellises. For marking row vegetables I tie the flags onto small sticks that I either pick up from the yard or cut from brush. This also helps identify the location of small plants surrounded by heavy mulch early in the season. I have tied them onto the plants themselves but the flags tend to get covered up by leaves quickly.

Although I have never had really bad fading of the marker I put the name on both sides of the tape just in case. I like the pink tape. It is a bit more cheerful than "warning orange". I suppose if you could score some "police line" or Biohazard tape it might keep the neighbors from raiding your garden... Won't work for illiterate deer though.

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Thank you, that is a very cool idea.

I seem to always lose tags, and find them the next spring. So, more than one method is always the best bet for me!

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