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do growing curucbits together cause problems

I'm pretty sure there is a cross polination issue. But can't seem to find anything about it. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place.

I seem to remember hearing something on here about them cross pollinaitng. Does this mess up the actuall fruits or does it just mess up the seed?

I want to grow eggplant (curcubit?), cucumbers, pumpkins. The pumpkins will be on the other side of the yard. But the others will be on the same side.

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If you are not saving seeds - no problems.

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It's only a problem if you plan to save seed. I't only effects the seed.

Seed saving is done with open pollinated varieties, not hybrids.

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Eggplant is a solanaceae -- same family as toms and peps but they won't cross.

:lol: When are you going to start planting in your FRONT yard? The house makes a handy separator against cross pollination :lol: :>

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