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Need help with small seeds?

I try to transplant as much as I can but carrots beets radishes (root crops)
are direct seeded. But have been unhappy hand broadcasting.
Got to thinking (hehe) so I went and found a salt,pepper and "pizza shop" oregano/parmesan shakers. I planted close to 5000carrots tonite in record time and its seemed spaced better than I could have done by hand. Works for me playing around with the holes and different seeds. Tater

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When I sow carrot seeds, I mix with about equal part white sand. This way when you pick up a pinch, you pick up as much sand, PLUS the white makes it easier to see where you are sowing the seeds.

But you know what, writing this just reminded me that I wanted to try using the seedball technique for carrots, as recommended by Masanobu Fukuoka in One Straw Revolution. Good thing too because I didn't get to sow carrot seeds today like I intended to. :D Definitely trying it tomorrow! :()

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