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Ground Already Workable But...

It's way earlier than normal, I know we'll still get snow and many hard freezes yet, should I plant cold weather stuff yet or not? (zone 4)

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This might be a good time to call the ag. extension office. Tomorrow is Friday; they should be in! :D And if you get an encouraging answer, you can plant over the weekend. If not...well...maybe up-pot some seedlings? Clean/sharpen tools?

Ooooh, just remembered: my hoe and square shovel are in dire need of sharpening. :oops:

Hope you get good news!

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Hmmmmm.......... that far north, you might want to wait until April to plant.

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[url=]Here[/url] is a resource you can use to see your average last frost date. I'll admit, though, these can vary, even in the same town, depending on your location. Talking to your local extension agent really is best.

Here's hoping you get to plant soon!

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