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Eating artichoke leaves?

So I have 3 artichoke plants growing in my garden. They are just now starting to produce baby artichokes. Anyway, I read online the leaves off the artichoke plant are edible and they can be eaten like cardoons. First of all... What Is a cardoon? Second, can I cook these leaves up after pruning? And third, I have emerald artichokes (no thorns) not globe. Does this make a difference? Thanks everyone! 

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What we do is cut the artichoke heads off, and bash them a bit to open them out(I can't think of a better way of explaining that!) then we pour on a good glug of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt and cook them on a open fire(a BBQ qould do I think). Anyway, they are done when the leaves pull away easily, so then you work you way in from the outside and bite off the fleshy bits of the leaves. When you get to the heart thats the best bit!

OK, I just reread your post and I don't think thats what your asking at all...But I'll post anyway as its a nice way to do the artichokes. I guess what you'd do with the leaves is boil/steam them up like greens.

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:lol: Thanks for the recipe! :lol:
If we find out how to cook the leaves as well, maybe I'll try growing some spineless artichokes next year. :wink:

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photo of cardoons (stems of maybe specific varieties of Cynara?) at

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I use the Alton Brown method, boil them. Super yummy.

Starting around 5 minutes in

And finishing on the beginning of this part

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I was a chef in the Napa Valley for 20 years.

If I am reading this right, you are talking about the leaves of the plant. Right?
Not the leaves of the artichoke.

I have never tried cooking the leaves of the plant. To be honest, I'm not sure they're edible. I mean, sure you could probably eat them, but are they good? One way to find out.

Now, the leaves of the artichoke are tasty.
I always like to cut the artichoke off with quite a bit of stem left on it. Take the vegetable peeler and give the stem a light peeling. Rub some lemon on it to keep it from oxidizing. I also like to cut them in half and remove the choke. Steam them till tender. I serve em with a lemon-garlic aoli. Basically it's mayo, lemon, crushed garlic, dash of cayenne, salt & pepper.

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Ugh, twice in one day. No more distracted message boarding for me. >_<

That sounds fantastic and I know what dinner is tomorrow. thx!

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