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south florida heat

as I am a new vegtable gardener I have a lot of concerns. I first tried container gardening and while I had some luck it didnt eactly work out like I wanted it to. so this spring I decided to make a raised bed. I made my bed out of cinder blocks simply beause I had an abundance of them laying around. I have one section that is one block high about 8 0r 9 inches and the other section is raised off of that two blocks high I basically did that simply for look and flair. in the bottom I have planted strawberries , lettuce, and vidallia onions. in the top I have a tomatoe plant, collards, and red and green pepper plans. along the sides of the garden the bricks are on their sides so in the holes I planted various herbs. so sorry for the long introduction my main concerns are what vegtables should be planted together? I hear you shouldnt plant peas and garlic and I wanted to know if their was a certain guidline to go by. Also anyone from south florida will tell you there aren't really any seasons down here just really hot. when I picked what plants to plant, being new to this I just picked what was ready in the store. if anyone has any advice on what to plant when in florda it would be great. wow sorry for the length.
thanks !

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Saw a great article recently that should be helpful to you in choosing the right veggies for your area:


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Another thing you can try is to set up some shade cloth in the really hot months to keep the plants cool and soil moist. Think shade house like the nurseries in the redlands use. You can buy the shade cloth on line. I am in central florida and plan on using it for the hot months. I am going to set up some pvc pipe hoops to stretch the cloth over. Then In the winter months Ill use clear plastic to make a greenhouse to keep the plants warm.

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