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Spinach in Zone 4?

What's a good spinach for zone 4? Are these fairly difficult to grow or about the same as any other greens?

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I can't recommend any particular varieties but you should have no problem growing spinach. It's very hardy - in fact, excess heat is probably a bigger issue with spinach than is a bit of cold weather.

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I'm trying very hard to remember the name of my Spinach - I believe it starts with a V (I want to say Viking, but I don't think that's right).

I found it incredibly easy to grow, but I'm zone 5 :)

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I am growing Bloomsdale Longstanding not quite sure if anything would be better for you.

I grew some generic spinach last year from seed sowed in the ground for fall it was very prolific I couldn't get it to stop growing. So I don't think you will have a problem.

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Spinach can be very finicky, but luckily you live in an area that should be great for spinach as they thrive in the cold. Bloomsdale Long Standing is the standard but if you are looking for that curled leaf (or Savoy as it's called) type of spinach Tyee and Melody are a good varieties. However, even in MN when summer comes on, say goodbye to your spinach. It just won't grow. I replace mine in mid summer with Perpetual Spinach (a spinach like type of chard) and Malabar Spinach(definitely an acquired taste)

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I think any of the varieties will do good for you. Plant it as early as you can get on your ground. It is a cool weather crop, and as others have said it will go to seed when it gets hot. I always have spinach go to seed, and in the spring when the snow leaves, there is spinach already growing from last years seed. It gets going early and is my first harvest.

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