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I have been gardening (both flowers and veggies) for a few years now. I do the basic veggies such as corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, peppers and potatoes. A couple years ago I started asparagus and I think I will have a decent amount this spring.

I want to start getting into berries such as strawberries, blueberries and maybe raspberries. I have heard raspberries spread very fast and can take over much of the garden, but I am not sure about that.

How long does it take berries to produce? What are good varieties? I guess I am just looking for any general advice on berries. I am in zone 5 in south east South Dakota.


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Yes, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries... all tend to move from where you plant them.

I have never planted raspberries or blackberries, they grow wild here.
Not sure how they do it... but they got into my garden and are growing on the southern border. I was not concerned the first few years... but that patch is getting larger and larger. And much closer to my beds. Time for trimming!

Sometimes the raspberries go 12' tall, and then they bend over, and wherever the top strikes the ground... it roots...

Strawberries and blackberries both send out runners with new plants...

You can use both to your advantage... don't over plant and let them fill in the vacancies.

I sometimes set pots in place to catch the wayward plants, and once they are rooted... I can cut them free and have more plants to put somewhere else, give away, etc.

The fruit they produce are well worth the effort of keeping them in check!
Talk to your plants.... If your plants talk to you... Run!

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