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zucchini fruit dying before our eyes!

Hi there, we are new to this site but would value any advice regarding our poor sad zucchini plants. The trouble is not with the plant producing fruit but rather with the fruit maturing. The plant produces lots of small fruit but then they turn yellow and rot on the plant , never growing more than 10 cm or so long. We have had 3 good size fruit so far but lots and lots of dead ones! :( I do have lots of sheep poo in the garden but it is from last summer's planting so it is about 18 months old, I would have thought that the nitrogen would have settled by now. :Last summer our tomato plants were huge and leafy but with little fruit which we were told was due to too much nitrogen from the manure. This year the tomato plants are great. lots of fruit - still green but then it is ballarat !
If nitrogen is the problem, is there any suggestion to correct the mix while out plants are still there or do we have to wait until the end of the season to work things out.?? We would appreciate any expertise you could offer/ many thanks

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Here is a link that might help you understand better. I certainly hope it helps. [url][/url]


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Lack of bee's perhaps? Just a guess...

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Has your weather been horribly hot this summer? I had trouble with my zucchini plant, which was dropping blossoms. It had a few fruit go yellow and fall off too. We've had lots of heat waves and days over 35 in Adelaide since spring, and after asking people on Helpful Gardener, who suggested it was the hot weather pushing the plant into survival mode, I gave my plant some dappled shade. The problem's not completely solved, but I've at least had an edible zucchini and some lovely flowers.

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