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planting near pressure-treated wood

I have planters that run along the side of my deck. The deck and planters were made with pressure-treated lumber. I'm thinking of using these for herbs or small veggies. I've planted squash here before and the previous owner used it for herbs. Is there any danger of contamination from the wood?
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i think it should be ok, i have allways used pressure-treated wood for my raised beds and borders.
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They use the pressure to force chemicals into the wood, to make it rot resistant. However, in the past that used to be arsenic and other really bad stuff. For some years now, they use much less toxic chemicals. It should not be a problem.

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That depends on how old the lumber is. If it is CCA treated it is I want to say Chromated Copper Arsenate (sp) the main problem being the Arsenic that leaches into the ground. It is said to stay in the wood for ABOUT 10 years. the arsenic doesn't leach vary far, with the majority of it leaching within a foot. Problem is it doesn't break down when in the soil very fast at all. Google CCA Treated Wood and see for yourself.

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