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HG, I only plant corn in tiny patches (blocks) and short rows of 10~12 at a time due to shortage of space and because I'm mostly indulging the kids (and me! :wink:). What I do is bend the tassles as far down to the silks as I can and shake (mid-morning~noonish, after dews are dried) I admit the size of the ears are nothing to write home about but they're usually fully pollinated. (I just need to work up to being more lavish with the fertilizing -- haven't been taking the "heavy feeder" thing as seriously as I should.) Have even successfully kept sweet corn and popcorn separated by planting on opposite sides of the house. We're eating popcorn now. :()

Definitely go with the Three/Four/Five Sisters (I've always done the Corn, beans, cuke/squash/pumpkin, and sunflowers -- in the future will be adding the traditional 4th sister as the 5th -- Cleome). I guess you're talking 6th/7th sisters of Lambs Quarters and Purslane. Big family :lol:

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One case where the more the merrier definitely applies...

Scott Reil

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