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Yellow onion seeds

I live in central alabama and have just purchased some yellow onion sets. Trying to get some tips on planting and caring for these things. I mean I'm now sure how or where to plant them.

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seeds or sets?

Your title says onion seeds, your post says onion sets. Which is it? They are different and would be treated a little differently.

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Well, if you are indeed growing them from seed, here you go.

[url=]Growing Onions from Seed[/url]

[url=]How to Grow Onions from Seed[/url]

[url=]Growing Onions from Seed[/url]

Now, if you are growing from sets....

[url=]Growing Onions in the Home Garden[/url]

[url=]How to Grow Onions[/url]


Good reading :D! I hope it helps. Sine you are in the south, I'm unfamiliar with you planting dates and can't offer any advice of my own. I can, however, give you some region-specific advice from you own [url=]extension service[/url].

Here's hoping you have great onion crop!
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