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Vegetable Garden Software

Is anyone using any software to plan their gardens this year?

I'm in Zone 5a/b so I need to plan things accordingly.

So far I have heard of GrowVeg and PlanGarden

GrowVeg: https://www.growveg.com
PlanGarden: https://www.plangarden.com

Aside from pencil and paper, is anyone using anything else? I am curious as to what else is out there as well as if anyone has experience with the two sites above...

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I don't have any experience with either site but I do plan on using 'growveg.com' once I start planning my garden!!! I think it sounds legit!

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Looks cool, but paper works fine for me and it's free! I wonder if I could actually use room arrangement software. It's the same thing: just draw out your garden plots and arrange plants with the right spacing. Plus the room arrangement software is free!:


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I just played around with Icovia for a bit and here is what I made:

It's got a lot of usable features for gardeners. After you start your room (enter dimensions), click on the "symbols" tab so you get the cute drawings. Then play around with the Landscape or Patio options under the 1st drop down menu. Find more options using the 2nd drop down menu such as: trees/shrubs; garden/flower, ect. Click once to add the picture, double click the picture to edit the dimensions or clone. Point and click around and have fun. They have trelises, ponds, pathways, some veggies, and pet and people graphics too.

If you create a log in you can save it for later. And it's free! Cool!

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