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Three Sisters Garden

Anyone else doing it this year?

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I've done that for the past two years, and will most likely do so again. This year, I'm adding the supposedly oft forgotten 4th sister -- Spider Flowers (Cleome), although in my grouping/guild, Sunflower has always been a fourth sister, so perhaps Cleome will be the 5th. :wink:

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the raccoons and the lack of space always do the corn in and sunflowers need to much.....sun. dad and I will be doing lots and lots of beans and squash type things though- I cannot wait for those thin crispy roasted slices of petti pan! (the flying saucer squash) I'm drooling as I sit here typing!

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I got great beans and kick-ass corn last year (hardly any earworms), but the squashes went from prolific to nothing at all in 2 weeks. Squash bugs, squash beetles, and cucumber beetles all showed up at once. The predators didn't. :(

So I'll do it all over this year! nothing beats feeding fresh picked corn to your friends.

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It was a rough year for all the above around, toil. I managed with a medley approach to spraying; neem, insecticidal soap, and pyrethrins in rotation. Nobody gets too comfortable that way... Lost a few squash but towards the end of the year when we had had our fill mostyl anyway. But one of the worst years I've seen. Saw a few assasins but by then it was spray or be overrun. You can hold them off though, sort of like the Alamo...

Cukes got taken out by voles though :roll:


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I'm an hours drive from you hg, so I know you feel the same pain as I do over last season. I'm hoping with all that food around, the good guys will really be back in full force.

It seems like timing was the key. I was handing out summer squashes and gave away kabochas started early.

I'm way too lazy to spray 3 products! But I will pass that on to others.

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