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I planted some onions I ordered online that come from georgia. I know I know...I live in california but whatever... I wanted to give it a shot. Anyway...they have been in the ground for a couple of months now (started from seeds) and they are still so tiny (I have been fertilizing) like little thing long strands of grass. Is this what they are supposed to look like? This is my first year gardening so I don't know anything about fall gardening (summer and spring was a lot of fun!). I planted leeks right next to these onions and they look the same. Any info would be appreciated.

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Sounds about right. Give it some time.

Onions need a certain length of day to make a bulb. There are long day varieties and short day varieties. Usually long day onions are planted in the Northern part of the USA in the early spring. Short day onions are for the Southern latitudes. I don't know what to expect from onions fall planted in your area. Maybe someone from your area will chime in.

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How's your soil? My wife's gramdmother grows onions and at some point, she has to dig trenches around them otherwise the dirt is too hard to produce big onions. If it's hard clay soil then you'll have to help them out, if it's good loose soil, then you just need patience.

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Onion a tearful thing to eat

Onions are always used while cooking our breakfast, lunch or dinner. The people who use to cultivate if goes on strike would make our meal incomplete. Inspite of having a pungent smell in it no one would be able cook there food without it. So these onions use to make our meal more delicious having been added to our food. It also contains ample amount of nutrients which are required in our body.

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Hi Tinybu88les8,

I think you asked about the onions you ordered from Georgia a couple of months ago.

I think you just need to be patient now that they have been in the ground for awhile. Onions are a very season sensitive plant. From the limited knowledge I have on onions, it seems when the seasonal conditions are correct, they will start growing larger. I seem to remember reading that if fall planted onions grown from seed are not exposed to enough cold winter weather, they will grow tall early in the spring and produce blooms without making a bulb.

It took me many years of trying before I was able to grow onions with decent bulbs. Good luck.


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