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what can I grow this time of year

iam in west tn and was wonderig what can I grow this time of the year ? thanks

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Well it is almost winter... even in zone 7 where you probably are, it's kind of limited for vegetables. Depending on when your frost date is, you might be able to get some radish or arugula or spinach in yet. You can plant garlic, leeks, and onion sets now to overwinter for spring. You could plant artichoke roots now also to overwinter. It's probably a little late for starting broccoli from seed, but if you can get broccoli plants, they will probably do all right, especially if you can give them some cover for frosts (like cloche or cold frame).

Otherwise spend your time getting everything ready for next year, clean up and mulch all your beds, prune things. Especially where you are, it's still a good time to plant trees and shrubs. I start seeds under lights in my basement starting in mid January... gives me my gardening fix in the depths of winter :)

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Check with your state's [url=]Extension Service[/url].

Each county should have it's own Cooperative Extension Office which provides free publications and information for the asking. They will have valuable vegetable/gardening tables available specifically for your area determined by universities and horticultural research scientists who have collected data from growing those crops in your state. Your tax dollars are already paying for this service so you may as well get some use out of it.

Vegetable Planting and Planning Calendar for Missouri ([url=]download the pdf[/url]) complete with spring and fall planting dates (underneath the spring planting dates for appropriate crops), how much to plant per person, etc. They can also tell you the average last frost date for your area and ideal planting times for specific crops and varieties in your area.

See how detailed this example is:


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thats a cool chart I like that.

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