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Hey now! Look what was lurking underneath some leaves. I never saw these guys. How I missed them, I don't know. And my yellow beans were hiding a few small surprises too. I thought they were done. I think I'll be able to pull maybe 12-15 green beans by the weekend. It's not a huge amount but enough for a serving or two :lol:

And my wife gave the thumbs up to the yard long beans idea. She think the kiddos will love them.


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Very nice. Maybe they'll surprise you and give you a great harvest after all.
My 2 bell peppers in the pot are doing! I had to pick 10 small 4" peppers because we might get our first frost thursday night. I waited too long for them to let them freeze.
Next year I'll wait until the ground is warm before I plant anything. I was in such a hurry thinking I'd get veggies sooner if I planted early. Didn't work that way.
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Glad you are seeing beans :lol:

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