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Help!!! My poor squash plants like sick


I went on vacation for a week (I live in Virginia), come home and found that my plants in the garden weren't watered.

My yellow crock neck squash plants are now looking sick! All the big, beautiful leaves and stems are dead and dieing. My question is - I notice new growth coming out, would it harm the plants any if I was to remove the old stems, to stop any drain the the new growth and promote the new to come out better?
Or just leave it be???

Thanks so much for you time........ Reenie :cry:

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I always cut off dead/brown leaves or stems or vines. The way I see it, they're dead and won't grow anymore and may even harm the good parts of the plant or attract bugs.
So if I were you I'd water the plants well and cut off all dead parts.
If they're still green and just wilted give them a chance to revive. That should happen quickly.

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